Looking For Financing?

We know being able to finance your metal building – regardless of your credit score – is vital. That’s why we have secured the most reputable credit companies in the industry. We’re making it easy and affordable to purchase the steel building that best covers your needs.

Vertical Roof Metal Barns 44x25x12


In need of a metal building but on a budget or have a lower credit score? No Problem! The Rent to Own options help you afford the building you’ve always wanted with little money upfront and affordable monthly payments with no credit check! Inquire today to discuss your options!

  • $3,000 Minimum on Rent-to-Own
  • 90 Days Same As Cash Available with No Origination Fees on 24-36 Month Terms
    Rent-to-Own up to $20,000
  • 40-60% Rental Rates
  • Hassle-Free, No Obligation

Note: Renters are required to complete a Landlord Wavier.


  • Customer can be the owner or renter of the home and/or land.
  • If a customer is a renter, the landlord MUST sign the landlord waiver.
  • No Credit Check.
  • Only one building per contract unless they are being connected.
  • Building(s) must be certified.
  • Building(s) must not be an occupied space. (We do not finance barndominiums, tiny houses, container homes, lived-in outbuildings, etc.)
  • $3,000 minimum amount required to qualify.
  • RTO total cannot exceed $20,000.
  • If RTO total exceeds $20,000 the customer MUST pay an extra down payment to meet the $18,000.
  • The extra down payment will have a tax, which will be included in the amount paid.
  • Extra down payment must be paid to Eagle Carports Inc. before we can approve the contract.
  • On contracts with a subtotal of $10,000 or higher, the customer must provide proof of home/land ownership.
  • Acceptable forms are: PVA/Tax Bill, Property Deed and/or Mortgage Statement.
  • RTO contracts is 6 pages, including the Purchase Order Form (Landlord Waiver attached if needed)
  • All pages must be signed or initialed in the designated areas before the contract can be processed.
  • Must have the customer’s SSN (or at least last 4 digits), DOB, DL # and the 2 Required references.
  • Prefer to have a copy of the Driver’s License but is not mandatory.
  • 24 month term is acceptable on all orders $0 to $20,000 and has divisor rate of 14.4 .
  • 36 month term is acceptable on all orders $0 to $20,000 and has divisor rate of 19.8 .
  • 48 month term is acceptable on all orders $0 to $20,000 and has divisor rate of 21.6 .
  • 60 month term is acceptable on all orders $0 to $20,000 and has divisor rate of 24 .
  • Some terms will carry an origination fee and it will automatically populate the amount when you choose the term.
  • Origination fee is a non-refundable fee paid to Heartland for processing the contract without a credit check.
  • LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) must be checked “Accept” or “Do Not Accept”, initialed and explained to the customer.
  • All labor charges must go under “Labor Fees”, to be paid at time of installation. Cannot finance a labor charge.
  • LDW covers the unit only (no contents) and only for a Natural Disaster.
  • Customer can have more than one contract as long as the RTO total of the contracts do not exceed the $20,000.
  • If customer is paying on an existing unit on contract, they cannot have another contract unless Heartland sends approval.
  • No penalty for early purchase.
  • 90 Day SAC-exclusive to Eagle Carports Inc.
  • Dealer’s commission is listed as security Deposit; it is refunded to the customer by Heartland once the customer reaches
    ownership of the building.
  • Dealer must collect, at least, a 10% security deposit.
  • Customer may now choose a monthly or bi-weekly payment option.
  • First month/bi-weekly payment and origination fee (if applicable) are due at time of installation.
  • This is made payable to Eagle Carports Inc., via money order, cashier’s check, Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express.
  • Once the unit is installed, we will invoice Heartland capital Investments, and the customer will contact them for future
    payments or concerns.

* Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

We will help you with everything needed to submit your financing Application